Speed of the digital economy and customer expectations In the past few years, the digital economy has increased the speed of transactions and changed the expectations of consumers. Those consumer expectations are being shaped by their experiences with other digital businesses—the Amazon Prime Now service will deliver goods to your home in hours, while Netflix […]

By Michael Skinner, Principal Pre-sales consultant, Analytics, Axway In previous blog posts, we explained the concept of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the business processes where robotic tools may start to be adopted and its similarities with Artificial Intelligence. RPA on its own is not enough If RPA tools allow businesses to free up time for […]

The digital economy is redefining our relation to time The speed of the global economy has increased, resulting in fiercer competition for customers in all industry sectors. The growth of revenue from digital outlets is surpassing revenue from traditional outlets. The customer is more demanding with expectations that are unstated. If they can’t get what […]

By Michael Skinner, Principal Pre-sales consultant, Analytics, Axway In a previous blog post, we explained the concept of Robotic Process Automation or RPA, and highlighted the business processes where robotic tools start to be adopted. Robotic Process Automation allows a business to run processes automatically and autonomously, freeing up time for team members to concentrate on […]

By Michael Skinner, Principal Pre-sales consultant, Analytics, Axway Process automation and digitization have been around for many years in the service sector, from workflow engines and electronic document management (EDM) systems to business process management (BPM) software. At its simplest, Robotic Process Automation or RPA, is the automation of business processes using software tools to […]

When designing or evaluating an API Analytics solution on top of your API management infrastructure, you need to consider a solution that addresses each user’s specific need [see previous article Monitoring APIs: who should be in charge in your organization?]. This will help you provide a high-value Embedded Analytics solution with tangible business benefits for […]

When it comes to API monitoring, Embedded Analytics for API are the solution. They help API users work smarter by incorporating relevant information to solve high-value business and IT problems and create a more efficient user experience. Now, API users do not have the same responsibilities and concerns. Therefore, they don’t need the exact same […]

There is a considerable up-front investment in building an enterprise class managed file transfer solution. However, like most systems in IT, the long-term operational costs tend to greatly exceed those initial one-time costs. Anything we can do up front to help lower operational costs tends to make the managed file transfer solution easier to live […]

Why Embedded Analytics is on the rise? Some organizations are still wondering whether they should invest in Embedded Analytics and what benefits it brings to their employees and customers. Therefore, I wanted to share a great survey published by Logi Analytics that describes how much this subject has been on the rise since the last […]