The Eight Vendors That Matter Most In today’s exceedingly competitive, digitally disrupted environment, one of the most formidable barriers to growth and innovation goes largely unacknowledged: the reactive culture that is pervasive in business operations. The “fix-on-failure” approach has been standard operating procedure for years, leaving organizational leaders with a feeling of being in charge, […]

By Graham McConnell – Sales Engineer and Consultant, Analytics, Axway Real-Time Operational Intelligence (OI), sometimes referred to Real-Time Business Analytics and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), is a segment of Business Analytics market that focuses on the monitoring of business activities and technical events across multiple systems in real time from the perspective of their business […]

By Chuck Moll, Pre-Sales Solution Consultant, Analytics, Axway Every day, organizations around the world rely on a complex network of partners, banks, vendors and customers to conduct business. To keep up with advances in technology, increasing data volumes and expanding connections, companies are paying closer attention to their B2B integration. While companies continue to modernize […]

By Paul Lavery, Director, Product Line for Managed File Transfer (MFT), Axway Visibility is within MFT DNA A key feature of any MFT solution is visibility. Organizations continue to invest in improved visibility solutions for their MFT. These investments include scaling the visibility solution to meet growing needs, ease of use and in self-service. Allowing business […]

My colleague Michael Skinner, Pre-Sales Consultant on Analytics explained in a previous blog post “How Operational Intelligence tools and Lean Six Sigma improve business processes.” In this new article, we provide a concrete example (use case) of how Lean initiatives and real-time Operational Intelligence tools combined allow organizations to find and remove waste. Lean defines waste as […]

In a previous blog post, “What does Lean Six Sigma mean to your digital business?,” my colleague Michael Skinner [Principal Pre-Sales Consultant and working on Analytics at Axway] explained the concept of Lean Six Sigma in the context of digital transformation. In the article below, he explains how combining real-time analytics and operational intelligence and Lean […]

By Antoine Rizk, VP-Solutions Marketing, Supply Chain, AXWAY Delayed or incomplete orders affect business revenues in tangible ways, and can incur high penalties. Ensuring perfect order fulfillment requires End to End Visibility of Supply Chain, which is difficult given the complexity of business operations today. The solution should provide monitoring across organization silos and third […]

The article below introduces the Lean Six Sigma methodology and was written by my colleague Michael Skinner, Principal Pre-Sales Consultant and working on Analytics at Axway. Lean Six Sigma is a business and process continuous improvement and management methodology combining two separate approaches: “Lean Thinking” and “Six Sigma.” Both methodologies originated in manufacturing industries, and […]

Speed of the digital economy and customer expectations In the past few years, the digital economy has increased the speed of transactions and changed the expectations of consumers. Those consumer expectations are being shaped by their experiences with other digital businesses—the Amazon Prime Now service will deliver goods to your home in hours, while Netflix […]